Fuzzy Facts   

This page is dedicated to providing you, the ferret owners, information related to properly caring for your ferrets.  Information provided on this page is taken from personal experience and other sources and will be credited to the author.   We will make all efforts to provide contact information for each author in case you have questions to direct to the author.


What is a Ferret? - This is an article quoted from the Georgia Ferret association's site (www.gaferret.org) providing an in depth explanation of what ferrets are.  This article does contain some information relating to Georgia state law, but the information is useful to all potential ferret owners.


How Much Is That Ferret In The Window? - This article provides a good estimate of the cost of owning a ferret and also describes the daily care of a ferret.  The information in this article is provided by the Georgia Ferret Association and includes references to ferret knowledgeable vets in the Atlanta and Athens areas.  References to North Carolina vets may be found below. 


Ferrets and Fleas - Written by Jan Lovell (GFA), this is an in depth look into the world of the flea.  The best way to defeat your enemy is to know it well.


North Carolina Ferret Vets and Medical Information - This is an ever evolving list of references contributed through first hand experience and by the experiences of ferret owners across the state.  Medical treatment of ferrets requires special knowledge and training as do most exotic animals.  Not all vets know the best treatment for our fuzzy friends.