Medical Information 


How does one know when their ferret has a blockage, Adrenal Disease, or cancer?  There is very little research and knowledge related to the diseases that affect ferrets.  New treatments and discoveries are being made every day.  This page is dedicated to information related to the medical treatment of ferrets, and links to North Carolina Vets that are knowledgeable in the proper care and treatment of ferrets.


At the time of this latest modification (January, 2004), the shelter is housing 100 ferrets.  Of those 100, 37 are undergoing daily medical treatments, and 12 are awaiting surgery.  There are always ferrets in the shelter that need some sort of medical attention

Neither Diane, nor Tony have any formal medical training, but have learned on the job.  Above is a picture of the shelter's triage table.  This is where daily meds are administered.  Diane has become very adept at diagnosis of illness, and treats what she can at the shelter.


Recommended Ferret Knowledgeable Vets

Dr. Spindel

Animal Ark Veterinarian Hospital

5919-A James Street

Clemmons, NC  27102

(336) 778-2738

Dr. Hudson

Northwoods Animal Hospital

980 Northwoods Drive

Cary, NC 27513

(919) 481-2987

Dr. Greathouse

Statesville Animal Hospital

181 Mocksville Hwy

Statesville, NC  28625

(704) 872-3625

Dr. Johnson

Avian and Exotic Animal Care

2315 Lynn Rd.

Raleigh, NC  27612

(919) 844-9166
Dr. Lauren Powers

Carolina Veterinary Specialists

12117 Statesville, Rd

Huntersville, NC 

(704) 949-1100