adopted ferrets


This page is dedicated to the ferrets that we have placed in new homes.





Little sable kid. Rescued for one dollar from a homeless person. Approximately 5 year old female. Ajusts well to older mellow ferrets. Only serious life-long home will be considered.


Adopted December 2004



Lola is a sable point MF female.  She is 2.5 years old.  Owner reports that she is up to date on vaccs.  Eating Marshall Farms food, paper trained but not litterbox trained.  No health issues.  Has been an only ferret but has had a dog as a playmate. Sugar sweet disposition.  No kisses but loves to play and interact.  Will groom you by fleaing you.  Likes to play tag and hand wrestle.  Comes with tubes, ball connectors, butterfly krinkle toy, crochet sleepy sack, carry sack, hand made bedding set of sleepy sack and hammy.

Adopted December 2004