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Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven

3110 Lewis Austin Ln

Hudson, NC  28638

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Shelter Mom: Diane Campbell

Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven (FGRH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose focus is the rescue, care, and placement of abused, neglected, and unwanted ferrets.  We are registered with the state of North Carolina as an animal shelter.

The shelter is currently based out of the home of Diane and Tony Campbell in Statesville, NC.  There are, on average, about 80 ferrets in the shelter at any one time.  The shelter has peaked at around 120 shelter ferrets in the past.

FGRH is currently funded by donations from the Triangle Area Ferret Lovers (TriFL) and through private donations.  These donations make up about 30% of the shelter's cost.  The remainder is funded by Mr. & Mrs. Campbell.

Please understand, we do not sell or ship ferrets!  We are not a breeder.  We simply attempt to nurse sick ferrets back to health and then find them an adoption home.



Mission Statement

To help adoptable ferrets who are unwanted, abandoned, or neglected find new homes.

To foster adoptable ferrets while providing health care, rehabilitation and training.

To evaluate all ferrets entering the rescue for adoptability as to temperament, health, and behavior manners.

To provide a final home and care for terminally ill ferrets.

To carefully screen all potential owners.

To educate potential owners about ferrets and their special requirements in an effort to facilitate and educated decision when selecting ferrets as a companion.

To educate the general public regarding the importance of caring for the domestic ferret and adopting from reputable rescue organizations.

To counsel owners on solving problems so that they may keep their ferrets in their home.

To keep statistics and health information on ferrets that enter the rescue system.

To educate animal control officers, staff, local ASPCA chapters, and local vets on breed identification, characteristics, temperament, and medical symptoms.

To network with other rescue groups in placing ferrets.

To network with local animal control and ASPCA chapters to assist with reuniting lost and stray ferrets with their owners.

To take back and ferrets that are adopted from this organization should the placement not be permanent.

To  assist regional animal control and ASPCA chapters in the closing and recovery operations of unlicensed or inhumane breeding operations.



Where Is Statesville, NC

Statesville, NC is located in the piedmont of North Carolina.  The easiest way to locate Statesville is to look a a North Carolina road map.  Simply find where I-77 and I-40 intersect, and you have found Statesville.



Our present wish list for needed items are:

Food: Totally Ferret, Marshall's, Shepherd & Greene, Iams Kitten/Cat etc.

Meds: Triaminic Cold and Allergy (orange flavor), Benadryl Liquid, Ensure (vanilla)

Pedialyte / generic Electrolyte water (unflavored)

Fleece and/or other materials to make bedding and etc., thread, a new sewing machine / serger. (A major need since the shelter operator (Diane Campbell) makes and sells sleep sacks, play tubes, and other ferret items, with proceeds benefiting the shelter)

Department/Pet/Drug Store or gas station Gift Certificates to purchase needed items.

A good, used running van for transporting the ferrets is another major need.

Any new or used items, such as crafts, household appliances or any other yard sale type items can be donated to the shelter and will be used for yard sales to raise funds for the shelter.

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